5 of our best ads from 2021

Working with Spotify and Mars’ agency, AMV BBDO, we helped turn an unusual idea on paper into  a piece of audio that really stands out within the Spotify environment.

How do sell a beer’s refreshing and exciting taste and also communicate that its made with 100% natural ingredients? You create a piece of 3D audio that reflects the natural world.

There’s nothing like the first time you experience the Northern Lights, so why not use someone who’s witnessed them and made TV documentaries about them? We cast Dame Joanna Lumley and selected an awe-inspiring music track to deliver a crafted radio script that paints pictures in the mind.

This fun Podcast ad was designed on behalf of VegPower and ITV to inspire kids to eat more Veg. We cast a young voice (who is destined for great things), delivering a strong message but in a fun and slightly silly way!

Promoting food products using only sound is a real challenge. You can’t see the products, you can’t smell or taste them, but with this brief for PopChips, we had one thing in our favour… the sound of a PopChip being crunched! This ad was scheduled in podcasts, where the majority of the audience would be listening on headphones, so we created an engaging ad using Binaural 3D sound.