our work

A selection of ads produced for an impressive range of brands.
We’re trusted by the best to produce the best.

Mars Celebrations

Working with Spotify and Mars’ agency, AMV BBDO, we helped turn an unusual idea on paper into  a piece of audio that really stands out within the Spotify environment.

Royal Navy

We were asked to create a series of podcast ads with the aim of recruiting youngsters from ethnic backrounds into the Royal Navy. This is just one of the ads we created using 3D Binaural audio.

Cineworld – 8D audio ad

To promote Cineworld’s new 270-degree cinema experience , we created a Spotify ad using 8D sound design. Use Headphones to get the full experience!

Eat Them To Defeat Them – Audio ad

This fun execution was designed for VegPower and ITV to inspire kids to eat more Veg. We cast a young voice who is destined for a long career!

Cadbury –  Audio ad

Using real people talking about the new Cadbury Inventor Bars, we highlighted the virtues of each bar in each ad and asked people to vote for their favourite.

Hurtigruten Expeditions –  Radio ad

Using the delightful Joanna Lumley and her enthusiam for travel, we set the scene for this truly magical voyage to see the Northern Lights.

Hendrick’s Gin – 3D audio ad

Poet, Nikita Gill, waxes lyrical with a poem she wrote especially for this campaign to celebrate Summer.

Boursin – Spotify ad

A uniquely French cheese, needed a unique voice with a French accent. The way this ad came together to celebrate Summer, was magnifique!

Corona Extra – 3D audio ad

To highlight Corona Extra’s “100% natural” ingredients, we created 6 different 3D audio experiences using the sounds of nature for this Spotify campaign. 

PopChips 3D audio ad

This ad was designed to bring the crunchy PopChips to life with a 3D treatment, ideal for a Podcast listening audience.


This Radio ad for Shell is simple and informational. The voice selection and Shell’s sonic branding reinforces the brand values. 


We cast a native Icelandic voice for this podcast ad, producing it in 3D and delivering real cut through whilst remaining true to the brand’s heritage.

Stella Artois

This 3D ad we created for Spotify, has a genuine human warmth and charm whilst encapsulating the ethos of the brand.

Porsche (Spotify)

This was an ad that used the power of sound to perfectly target Spotify listeners, using music and sound effects to create a 3D Immersive experience.

Heinz – Bullseye BBQ Sauce

This briefed challenged us to re-create an audio version of the TV ad. Using a genuine American voice and sophisticated 3D audio production, we painted a clear picture of a Cowboy ranch and a raging bull.


One of the key USP’s of the new Audi A3 was 3D Satellite Navigation, so we used 3D tools to enhance this ad and make it stand-out within a Podcast.


A fun voice, some well-chosen music and an entertaining script lifts this ad for a humble PowerBank to a new level.


Written and produced for Spotify, this accented voice has been carefully chosen to represent a typical user delivering scenarios that be very familiar to the target audience.  If you like this ad, swipe right!


The client wanted an ad targeted to runners, so we created a 3D immersive scenario, placing the listener in running shoes with the world happening around them.


Casting just the right voice, with a luxurious feel and using music that sets a relaxed mood, turns this simple promotional message into a sumptuous ad.