Take a listen to the audio below, as featured in our White Paper “New Creative Opportunities”

Dynamic Audio

B&Q created a campaign in which the creative would change product and price promotion based on current weather conditions and location, resulting in 8,000 store visits.

Hitachi Finance used dynamic audio capabilities to change day of the week and locations to personalise the creative in real time, lending a more friendly tone to the finance sector.

Changing references to weather, temperature, and location to emphasize the need to look after your boiler in the cold winter months, British Gas were able to drive awareness of their Homecare Boiler cover.

3D (binaural) audio

Listen using headphones!

To promote the Asia episode in the David Attenborough narrated ‘Seven Worlds One Planet’ TV series, the BBC created an audio piece that featured the sounds of insects, primates, birds, tigers and tropical storms to fully immerse listeners deep in an Asian jungle. The sensory experience in this piece is so strong that only minimal narration is needed.

Listerine used sound affects to place listeners in a dentist’s chair, a place nobody wants to be, in a stark reminder of the importance of dental health.

Fuze Tea incorporated ASMR (autonomous sensory meridian response) techniques to promote the Fuse Tea sponsored “Me Time” ASMR podcast which was hosted by Spotify. The ad featured the same ASMR podcast host, known as “Whispers Red” and directed her to deliver the script in an ASMR whispered style.

Voice Search

NARS launched a voice-activated ad campaign on Spotify enabling the voice-activated delivery of blush, lipstick or mascara samples to listeners’ houses. encourage listeners to say to their device: “Ask Send Me a Sample for NARS”, with product samples then delivered to the listener’s home, thus engaging with beauty enthusiasts in a way that is useful to them during the lockdown period.

Berocca ran a new ads on Amazon Alexa’s designed to drive sales conversions for its Berocca Boost vitamin tablets. Audio ads were dynamically inserted during radio listening with the ads ending with a call to action to activate an Alexa skill. When consumers started the skill it offered information about the product and enabled purchase by voice using their existing Amazon shopping account details.